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Centro Educacional Jorge de Lima had the honor of receiving the 2017 Brazilian Company of the Year Award, held by the Latin American Quality Institute Network, a Panamanian non-profit organization, held on May 12, in the new edition of the Brazil Quality Summit in Sao Paulo city. On the occasion, representatives of the most important companies in the country gathered to be recognized for the work they have been doing.

"In this edition of Brazil Quality Summits, we will bring together the most important entrepreneurs in the country and with them we will show the results obtained with the objective of disseminating and implementing business excellence throughout our network of members, thus seeking to transcend within the universe of companies in the country" declared the CEO and Founder of the Latin American Quality Institute, Dr. Daniel Maximilian da Costa.


This is proof that our team has been working every day, in search of a quality education that makes a difference in the lives of our students. We count on you to grow even more, and thank you for being part of our family!


On April 10th, we participated in the Google for Education & Chromebook Roadshow, held at Faculdade Maurício de Nassau by Google Educação and Teach Tecnologia Educacional. The meeting focused on educational technologies and classroom innovation offered by Google. It was a pleasant morning, full of new knowledge.


By Geysa Miranda

"A place to undertake and move the local economy." This is how the Information, Communications and Services Technology Hub (Tics), under construction in the Jaraguá neighborhood, was described by the group of entrepreneurs and students who visited it this Thursday (9). The Polo is a project of the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Innovation (Secti).


"The director of  Jorge de Lima Educational Center, Ivone Moura, who took her students to visit the spaces, highlighted the importance of young people having contact with projects of this type, as they are the future. "We are convinced that the Polo will bring great opportunities. At our school, we work with innovative projects, aimed at the social environment. It is interesting for young people to know and participate in these moments, as it serves as a stimulus in building their future", said the director."

BRASLIDER Excellence and Quality Award 2016!

The Jorge de Lima Educational Center had the honor of receiving the Excellence Award  and Quality BRASLIDER 2016, at an event in June, in the city of São Paulo. The award was given in the category: PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR / NATIONAL HIGHLIGHT / SOCIAL MERIT / JORGE DE LIMA EDUCATIONAL CENTER & CITIZEN WHO ADDS TO THE NATION / EXAMPLE WORTHY OF BEING FOLLOWED BY ALL PEOPLE IN GOOD FAITH, HONEST AND STRENGTHENED FOR A MORE EQUAL, FAIR AND PERFECT SOCIETY."

We were the only company from Alagoas to receive the commendation. This shows our dedication to providing quality education for our community.

The Brazilian Leadership Association's vision is to study actions of interest to the country in the economic, educational, social, cultural, environmental and charitable areas, thus being able to collaborate with the nation in raising the social, cultural, moral and material level of the citizen, recognizing who stands out before society in the most diverse areas.

Now we have to work and dedicate ourselves even more, in search of Excellence  and Quality in education in our country!  Is that you? What are you waiting for? In 2017 come be part of our family!


ALUBRA (Brazilian Luminescence Academy) congratulated the Jorge de Lima Educational Center for encouraging its students to participate in Poetry Week.

We gave lectures and workshops (POEMA AND POETA), with more than twelve hours, with the participation of Elementary School II students, and pedagogical coordination of the school, from March 09 to 11, 2016.

These were memorable days for everyone, as it was a UNPRECEDENTED COURSE for the state of Alagoas, as the demonstrations and involvement were highly dignified and, at various times, exciting.

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